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TrimCo Tree Experts in Dothan, AL is the place to call for all your tree care needs. Our team of professional arborists and tree cutting experts is able to tackle almost any tree-related project - from a simple pruning job to large-scale tree removal. 
We have been serving the Wiregrass area for many years and have a great safety record. Don't try to trim high branches yourself - or remove a tree from your property.


We take every safely measure possible to guarantee a swift and hassle-free resolution for your tree-related problem. From tree cutting to stump removal in the Wiregrass, we can take care of the issue safely and effectively. Why attempt to take care of these problems yourself when you can have an experienced team at your disposal. We're happy to help.


A properly maintained tree is a beautiful thing. Our Dothan staff is happy to help set up a maintenance schedule to keep your trees looking their best. Contact our fully licensed and insured team of tree care experts today to consult with an expert.


We'd rather not advise that a sick tree be removed if there's any way of bringing it back to full health. Our tree care experts can diagnose and treat a wide variety of tree diseases, so you won't lose your tree if at all possible.
We also specialize in pest identification and treatment. If you suspect your tree may have a pest issue, let us know and we'll send out an expert to evaluate the situation and talk with you about your options.
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